Headstrong Kids Canada

Educating and supporting young athletes on the importance of head safety while playing sports.

Mission Statement

Headstrong Kids Canada Is a dedicated Non Profit focusing on the support and timely professional treatment for low income families ensuring all kids in Canada have proper access to Medical Professionals. Time is of the essence with head injuries in our youth to prevent long term affects, including physical an long term mental affects.

knowing what we now know and having the means to prevent this their is no reason for any kid in Canada to suffer from the long term affects.

Unfortunately this is not always the case and with the years of waiting time far to often the long term affects when not dealt with in a timely fashion the results are devastating. I’m Ryan Toderan, myself experienced numerous undiagnosed concussions playing the sports I loved, after my 5th year in HVAC college the symptoms started showing and has progressed worse throughout the years. Their is no excuse for any kid to go through this if we can get them timely, professional treatment and that is now what I’m dedicated to do. By turning a awful negative to a positive I have been able to get the full support from many organizations from Neurologist, youth mental help organizations, and many professionals ensuring all kids with concussions regardless of income or sex receive timely medical treatment as that is key to recovery and unfortunately as of now the waiting time is un acceptable. Their is no excuse for any child to suffer the way I have due to years of waiting time in a country like Canada. By educating the coaches and kids through school talks and weekend sports camps they will know the signs, this is not enough I have assembled a team of dedicated pediatricians, neurologist, and mental health professionals willing to see the kids referred to us and avoid the long wait that low income families unfortunately go through, In my case it was years and by then was to late. Canada their is no longer a excuse for this and if the kids receive timely professional treatment they can continue the quality of life they deserve. With supporters such as Big Brothers/Sisters and the TDSB we ensure the kids see medical professionals and training for the coaches to understand the symptoms. Far to often these symptoms are not reported and the kids don’t see the physical results till years after, and by that time the mental depression could be devastating. I’m asking you Canadians to join me in my mission, with the knowledge and treatments now available their is no excuse for any kid to have long term affects from playing the sport they love…. Play Hard, Play Safe, Be Inclusive, Stay Strong…
Headstrong Kids Canada!!!!

Our Approach includes 5 Key Components:






To treat a child with a head injury: apply something cold.


Your Donations go directly to supporting local Canadian kids in their education of preventing concussions in sports.

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Your Donations go directly to supporting local Canadian kids in their education of preventing concussions in sports and addressing all Mental Health issues associated with the trauma.