Homework for Session 2


As salamu alaikum,

For session 2:

  • Read the rest of surah Al-Kahf. I.e. Surah 18 ayah 45-110.
  • Read up to the end of page 20 of Journey to Makkah by Murad Hofmann.
  • Watch the 2 videos linked bellow.

For the readings, write a summary (3-5 lines, 5-8 lines, or bullet points), questions that come to mind, and anything that stands out.

And for the videos, watch the duration that is mentioned. Then do some research to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the origin of this Nasheed? Who sang it, for whom, and when?
  2. What is the meaning? Find English translations of the lyrics.

InshaAllah, Session 2 is on June 16th from 6:30-8:00 pm. This session will be virtual. Meeting link will be sent a few days prior to the session. See you then.


Watch “The Message” (directed by Moustapha Akkad) from 1:12:05 to 1:15:15.

And watch “Tala Al Badru Alayna – Sydney Mawlid 2015”; the full video.


Poster by Samir