Session 5


As salamu alaikum,

Due to recent world events, we will be talking a short break for our regular studies (Quran and book study). And in their stead, I will cover some relevant topics in a relaxed yet informative manner.

The topic for Session 5 is “Media Literacy”. Participants don’t have to prepare or present anything. Simply bring your curious minds!

Session 5 is in person on the 17th of November. Starting at 6:30 pm.

As salamu alaikum. No new homework for Session 5. We will go over:

  1. Surah Yusuf (Surah 12). Ayah 56-111.
  2. “Journey to Makkah” by Murad Hofmann page 31-40.
  3. Summary of a khutba from a jummah that you attended.